Parent Account Holders:

Parent account holders are able to locate their eReader files in the Downloads area of the parent dashboard

Downloads Page: Visit My Account >>Downloads and all of your available downloads will be listed here.

Student Account Holders:

When a student account is purchased, the books will not be in the Downloads area of the parent dashboard, but within the membership dashboard.

Go to My Account 

Click on Student name and switch into the student account (You can also log into the student account directly with the username and password credentials that were emailed to you after purchase)

Click on eReader Textbooks to view your downloads.

eReader Download Limits:

Please be careful choosing the devices you choose when downloading your eReader eBooks. While your books will download from the College Prep Genius website indefinitely, they will not be useable more than once.  Each download is able to be used on one desktop/laptop computer and one mobile device (ex. smartphone or tablet/iPad).  A laptop is not considered a mobile device. Additional College Prep Genius Textbook downloads will cost $15 each. Additional High School Prep Genius downloads will cost $12 each. Additional vocab series downloads will cost $7 each.

If you ordered your eCourse prior to April 2016, eReaders were not delivered to your email inbox. Please contact for help with downloads.

Please Remember:

Remember, you must be logged in and be enrolled in the eCourse in order to access these pages.

For information on how to upload your downloads to your mobile device or computer, click here.

Please contact support if you have issues.