Yes, they are about 99% the same test and a lot of the ACT writers now work for the College Board (SAT makers) and so the formatting is almost identical. 

There is a crossover of information that works on the ACT. Every college takes either one and if they prefer one over the other, they convert the score. 

E.g. SAT-1300 is equal to an ACT-29. 

Many students have used our SAT program and received perfect scores on the ACT.  When the SAT is neglected-often students don’t know how important the PSAT is and the incredible scholarships available from a high PSAT score. 

This program has also been used successfully on tests like: AP, Acuplacer, GRE, CLEP, Subject Tests, FBI, Military, Hobby Lobby, Professional Performance Security Test, TAKS, STAAR…because most are similar logic tests.