A lot of the old SAT program information still works because it is general test-taking strategies so you can still learn from the old program. The main difference is in formatting since the SAT looks more like the ACT. (Many of the ACT writers are working for the College Board now.)

I would omit the sentence completion and writing and essay section since those are a completely different format now. The reading adds 2 new types of questions and the math has less geometry and more advanced math. The writing section is now passages instead of stand-alone questions.

The score is now 1600, 4 answer choices and the reading and writing scores are combined.

I recommend downloading a free new SAT to see the new formatting.

Also, the old DVD program contains information that can work on other tests such as the ACT, GRE, AP...so don’t get rid of it because it contains valuable strategies for other tests that have not changed.

To get the latest version of the program click here.