[ht_toggle title="Can I use the College Prep Genius Textbook in place of taking the eCourse or attending a live class?" id="" class="" style="" ]The College Prep Genius Textbook is not designed to be used as standalone replacement for the eCourse. In order to get the full College Prep Genius experience, you must take the Bootcamp course or the digital eCourse.[/ht_toggle]

 [ht_toggle title="What is the “High School Prep Genius” book?" id="" class="" style="" ]This is like a personal guidance counselor for parents regardless of where their students go to school. It contains: 

  • Monthly Guide for 9-12th Grades

  • Checklist for Parents

  • Checklist for Students

  • Make a college/career planning notebook

  • College Search and Admissions Counselor Info

  • Scholarship Information Important Study Tips

  •  Time Management Strategies

  •  Tips from Guidance Counselors

  •  Picking a High School Degree Plan

  • Identifying Interests and Personal Motivation

  • Internships Summer before College

  • Little known secrets of the highly competitive

  • How to set Long and Short Term goal

  • Transcript Information

  • All about Volunteering/Extra-curricular

  • Activities and Awards [/ht_toggle]

    [ht_toggle title="What are the Vocab café books?" id="" class="" style="" ]Vocabcafé Book Series: Easily improve vocabulary with fun and wholesome narrative stories. Each novella contains 300 SAT level vocabulary words placed in context with the definition at the bottom of the page for reference and reinforcement.[/ht_toggle]

    [ht_toggle title="How are the Vocabcafé books used?" id="" class="" style="" ]They can be used as a literature credit and even a creative writing credit since students can use the 300 vocabulary words back into a paragraph and/or story. [/ht_toggle]