Every student is different. Some learn better in a classroom setting and others learn better at their own pace with the eCourse. Students who take the class receive a six-month subscription to the eCourse for review so they can go back over the strategies, techniques and patterns over and over again. It is not only important to know why the right answer is right, but also why the other four are wrong and how not to fall for the wrong pattern on the real test.

Since most people need repetition to really get down the information, students can take advantage of this by either taking the class and then watching the eCourse or vice versa. The advantage of having the eCourse the ability to go back over it again and again. There is a discount fee for renewal after the subscription has expired.

This eCourse covers an extensive review of the College Prep Genius materials as discussed in the “MASTER THE SAT LIVE BOOTCAMP 2-DAY INTENSIVE COURSE”. It’s the essential follow-up guide for students who truly want to get FREE College. In order to solidify the class strategies, most students will find this class review extremely beneficial and the perfect way to reinforce how to apply this information appropriately and internalize the strategies.