How do I start a Co op? 


Visit our Co-Op page for more information.


Homeschool Co-ops & Private/Public school classrooms all across the United States are using the College Prep Genius program to great success! The lessons can easily be integrated into regular weekly classroom sessions. Each lesson also includes pertinent homework that reinforces the strategies that students learn. (Homework requires access to “The Official SAT Study Guide” by the College Board.)

There is minimal preparation for teachers and co-op leaders. Each teacher is given a weekly lesson plan that includes homework and tips for running the class. It’s simple, easy-to-follow, and does not require expertise regarding standardized testing. All the instruction is taken care of in the course.

*PLEASE NOTE: College Prep Genius can only be used in a co-op/classroom setting that is not-for-profit. Money cannot be earned by using the program in this manner.

Can I use the eCourse in my classroom or co-op?

Yes. More information on our co-op page.

We are using your program in our co-op/classroom so does every student need both the textbook and workbook?

Yes, per our licensing agreement. Students will only retain a small percentage of what they hear the first time in class, so to solidify the information, they will need to go back over it again by using the textbook. The workbook is needed for both in-class assignments and follow-up homework.