What if my child has dyslexia or another disability?

Accommodations can be made for students with special needs and time constraints can be lessened. However, going through the process of obtaining special accommodations could take many months. Parents will need to schedule a battery of tests, obtain the diagnostician’s report for their student, arrange for and implement accommodations at school, and have these accommodations in use in the school setting for a minimum of four months (College Board rule). When applying for special accommodations please keep in mind the time it takes for the College Board to process and grant/deny the request. Families may be limited to working with the school’s calendar/timetable for testing, ARDs and creating IEPs. Ideally, the process of preparing for standardized tests should start in the student’s freshman or sophomore year, to allow time for the College Board accommodations to be in place before the PSAT/NNSQT in the student’s junior year. For more information about forms, eligibility and documentation please visit http://www.collegeboard.com/ssd/prof/physical-disabilities.html or call (609) 771-7137.