Does the College Prep Genius eCourse work on other standardized tests?

Even though it is SAT/PSAT specific, we have numerous testimonials of our strategies and logic techniques working on the ACT, AP, Subject tests, GRE, FBI test, Military test, Hobby Lobby test, Professional Performance Security test…We also have students who have received free med school and law school. 

What is the difference between dual credit, AP classes and CLEP hours?

A dual credit class is when a student is enrolled in both a high school (public, private or homeschool) and a local college or university. Students take classes at both institutions to simultaneously earn credit for their graduation requirements as well as college credit. Although, some dual credit classes result in college credit, some are used as honors courses and some are used for internal class placement and prerequisite requirements.

AP (Advanced Placement) classes are college-level courses taken in high school. Students who complete AP courses are eligible to take AP exams designed by The College Board. These tests are scored on a scale of 1-5. A score between 3 and 5 may qualify a student for college credit at most colleges and universities.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) allows a student to earn college credit by taking qualified CLEP tests in a particular subject. The tests are designed to correspond to a one-semester class; it can sometimes cover up to a two-year course. The exams are generally 90 minutes long and cover specific information on knowledge and skills acquired about a certain subject.