How do you get your SAT score sent to the colleges that you are looking to possibly attend for your higher education?

When you sign-up on line for the SAT, there are four boxes where students can request their scores to be sent to the colleges of their choice at no charge. For a small fee, they can have their scores sent to additional colleges. If you don’t want to send scores until you reach a desired score, students can send them later for a small fee, For more information, visit

How do I get only my best test score sent to the school(s) of my choice?

The College Board has Score Choice where students can choose to send only certain scores to colleges. Sometimes a school wants to see ALL scores by a student, but the good news is that most colleges only want to know a student’s highest score. They don’t have time to go through every score. There is also no penalty for taking the test many times. Colleges don’t average the scores and many schools will take the highest scores from different sections on different tests to get the student the best score. (super Score) Therefore it behooves students to take the test many, many times.