What is a good SAT score?

The average score right now is 1007 (out of 1600). A good starting score for scholarships for many colleges is around 1300. Full scholarships can be obtained with scores around 1400 and above.

How do I find out about scores needed for scholarships at the college?

Usually the schools will post the needed scores for entrance and scholarships on their site.

How soon do I get my SAT test score back?

The fastest way to get your scores back is to create an account at www.collegeboard.com. Scores can be viewed on this website around two weeks after test date.

What if I think the College Board made a mistake in grading my test?

For a small fee, you can request your test to be hand scored. Call them at (609) 771-7600.

What if there were distractions that hindered my test score?

Contact Fair Test at (617) 864-4810, www.fairtest.org, FAX: (617) 497-2224.