What type of math is in the SAT?

There is Algebra 1 and 2, some trig and geometry for the most part.

Are some SATs harder than others?

No, The College Board tries to make sure each test is created with the same level of difficulty and integrity. Every exam is independently graded on the same equal curve, so that no test is more difficult than any other.

Is it true that the test questions are in order of difficulty and I should work through the earlier questions fast and concentrate longer on the last questions?

No, they are not necessarily in order of difficulty, especially in the Reading Section. Treat each problem the same—look at it logically and follow the steps to success outlined in College Prep Genius.

Why do most students, even smart ones, bomb tests like the SAT and ACT?  

Standardized tests are designed to level the playing field for all students since a 4.0 GPA at one school is not the same at another; so the only fair way to compare all students equally is to use a logic and reasoning test. Critical thinking is a necessary component for college readiness so using the same test for all students, regardless of their academic background, becomes the great equalizer. It is the only numerical element that all applicants have in common since each high school calculates their scores differently.

These tests are not about I.Q. but are about examining how students can handle pressure and think on their feet when push comes to shove. The College Board even trademarked “SAT Reasoning Test” which by its very definition, reasoning means to arrive at a conclusion using your logic and thinking skills. Watch students whose lives have changed by learning how to ace these type of tests at collegeprepgenius.com/testimonials.