Is your eCourse updated for the new SAT and PSAT test?

Yes, we started analyzing the new test when the College Board released a full-length test in the summer of 2015 to find the recurring patterns that still applied as well as any new types of questions and new formatting. 

What are the changes to the tests?

The SAT score returned to 1600 and the PSAT is 1520; the equating section was omitted; reading and writing scores are combined; there is an optional essay on the SAT; no penalties for guessing; less geometry and more advanced math; four answer choices and added sub-scores for pinpointing weaknesses.

Why was the test changed in the first place?

Money! More students took the ACT than the SAT so the College Board wanted to not lose any more ground and regain that piece of the pie so they redesigned it. It is extremely similar to the ACT format now.

Is the redesigned SAT aligned with The Common Core Standards (CCS)?

There are no Common core questions on the SAT. There are 12 states who have not adopted the CCS or pulled out, most private and homeschools are not aligning with CCS so the test cannot be based on it. If it were, these groups could sue the College Board because it would be an unfair test that only an elite group of students could pass.