What is the best way to learn your clever ACRONYMS?

I suggest that you use index cards at first. At the top, write horizontally the section. Along the left side, write the ACRONYM vertically and big. Next to each letter, write the long version. On the flipside, do the same but write the shorter version. In the beginning, refer to the longer side as you are learning the ACRONYM. Then switch to the shorter version. After you have memorized each ACRONYM, start writing the word(s) at the top of the appropriate page.

What type of logic curriculum should I use?

Choose book(s) or course(s) that will strengthen your critical thinking skills and help you to reason logically.

How do I get more practice questions for the SAT?

To get the Question Of The Day, more practice questions and a free practice SAT, go to: http://sat.collegeboard.org/practice 

Do you have a list of classic books for my student to read?

Yes, included in High School Prep Genius. However, you can make your own list by using these criteria: well-known author, interesting subject-matter, has withstood time, high standard, unabridged. (Type “classic books” in search engine for starters.)