Which colleges take which test?

Every college will take either SAT or ACT and if they prefer one over the other, they will convert the score.

E.g. SAT 1300 = 29 ACT.

Which test should my child take?

Since the formatting of the SAT changed, they are about the same test in every way except the optional essay formatting. Students can download a free test from both of their respective websites and take them first. They may also consider taking both since a college may give more money on one over the other.

What are the main similarities and differences?

Both are 4 long sections now. They both have an optional essay.

The SAT has 3 sections: Reading, Writing/Language and Math. It is offered seven times a year. The score can be between 400-1600. Most colleges will Super Score and take the highest scores from different sections in different tests. Students can take an unlimited amount of times.

The ACT has four sections: English, Math, Reading and Science. It is offered six times a year. The score can be between 1-36. The scores are averaged and students can take up to twelve times.

What subtle changes were made to the ACT in 2016?

The essay time was increased to forty minutes and new sub-scores were added.