How much does college cost?

College has gone up 600% in the last 25 years and the average student takes 20 years to pay off college loans.

The yearly average for each college:

$11K for junior college;

$24K for public school;

$35K for private;

$45K for Christian;

$65K for Ivy League.

Many colleges have several full scholarships available for students who score well on the PSAT/NMQST (99 percentile) or the SAT (approximately 1400 and above).

Right now, the average math and verbal score is 1007 out of 1600. College Prep Genius has proven to dramatically improve students’ scores on both the PSAT/NMQST and the SAT. It teaches students how to recognize hidden patterns and reveals secret tips that can be found on the SAT and PSAT/NMQST, helping students save time, figure out the correct answers, and raise their test scores. 

Can you really get a full scholarship for college based on your PSAT/NMQST* or SAT* score?

Absolutely. Jean's son received numerous offers from colleges because of his outstanding PSAT/NMQST score (219). Offers he turned down included:

Texas A & M (full-tuition, honors dorm, study abroad stipends),

Texas Tech (full-tuition, room and board, one year graduate school money),

Oral Roberts University (full-tuition, room and board, plus exclusive honors status and dorm), and

Abilene Christian University (full tuition, plus room and board).

Jean's son graduated from Ouachita Baptist which gave him full tuition, study abroad stipends, free laundry and unlimited cafeteria access. After contacting other colleges, Jean found that these universities are not alone in granting such awards to significant PSAT/NMQST and SAT scores. For example,

Oklahoma Baptist University begins to give out full-tuition scholarships to students with a 1400 SAT (math/verbal)) or above.

Texas Christian University gives out twelve Chancellor Scholarships (which amounts to a full-ride) for scores starting at 1400 (math/verbal), not to mention an additional $2000 for National Merit finalists.

National Merit Scholars at The University of Florida not only receive a full ride, but also get $5,000 a year bonus to spend at their leisure.

Ouachita Baptist offers a Board of Trustees Scholarship for full tuition, room and board, $1000 stipend and Honors Program for a 1320 SAT (math/verbal) and a National Merit standing.

Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi gives a Distinguished Scholar award (full tuition, room and board) for a 1320 (math/verbal).

Many other universities offer full scholarships opportunities starting as low as 1320 as well. 

Why are test scores tied to scholarship money?

Colleges go up on their rankings nationally based on test scores so the higher the score-the money a student can get. 85% of colleges use test scores for admittance and money.

What about GPAs and scholarship money?

Having a good GPA is important, it is often not the determining factor to receive college money. That is because a 4.0 at one school is not the same as another since every school weighs and calculates their scores differently. The SAT levels the playing field for all students regardless if they go to public, private or are homeschooled.

Can homeschoolers receive scholarship money?

Absolutely! High test scores can yield amazing scholarship money for homeschoolers as well. The test scores help to validate the transcript since all students look the same on paper. The SAT is the one thing that is common to all college bound applicants.

If a student receives a scholarship but wants to delay going to a university, will he or she be able to take advantage of that scholarship later on?

Every college has its own rules and regulations, so it is best to check with each individual college about their scholarship offers. It is important to know that if a student receives too many college hours (from junior college, dual credit, CLEP courses, etc.), he or she may no longer be considered an incoming freshman but a transfer student and that can nullify opportunities for scholarships.

Also, if a student delays college after high school, the College Board does hold their test score indefinitely.